What is Difference Between Monocot And Dicot Stem?

Difference Between Monocot And Dicot Stem is that Flowering plants are divided into monocotyledonous (or monocotyledonous) and dicotyledonous (or dicotyledonous). This comparison examines the morphological differences in the leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits of monocots and dicots.Differences Between Monocot And Dicot Stem


The classification of flowering or angiosperm plants into two main groups was first published by John Ray in 1682, and later by the botanist Antoine Laurent de Jussieu in 1789, replacing the previous classifications. According to this classification, flowering plants were divided into eight main groups, the largest number of species belonging to monocots and dicots.


The number of cotyledons differs in the two types of flowering plants and forms the basis for the main classification of monocot and dicotyledons. Cotyledons are the leaves of the embryo seed and contain the nutrition for the embryo until it is able to grow the leaves and produce food through the process of photosynthesis. Monocotyledons have only one cotyledon while dicotyledons have two


The vascular system in dicotyledons is divided into a cortex and awake, while in monocotyledons these distinct regions are absent. The vascular system is dispersed in monocots without particular arrangement, while in dicots the vascular bundles consist of primary bundles forming a cylinder in the center


The number of flower parts is different in the two groups. They occur in multiples of three in monocots and in multiples of four or five in dicots.

Vascular bundles in a monocot stem (Tradescantia)
Vascular bundles in a monocot stem (Tradescantia)
The leaf veins are arranged in parallel across the length of the leaf or in a cross-linked arrangement across the leaf. In most species, monocots have a parallel arrangement, while dichotypes have a cross-linked arrangement.


There is also a different type of pollen structure present in the two classes. Monotypes developed from plants with a single pore or groove in the pollen, while dicotyledons developed from plants with three grooves in their pollen structure.


The roots can develop from the main radicle or arise in clusters of the nodes in the stem, called adventitious roots. It is known that monocotyledons have adventitious roots while dicotyledons have a radicle from which a root develops. A fibrous root system, with several moderately branched roots that grow from the stem, is common in monocots. In contrast, dicotyledons have a root system, a sharp root that grows down and has other roots sprouting laterally from it. Difference Between Monocot And Dicot Stem

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