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What Difference Between Afforestation And Deforestation?

What are Afforestation and deforestation?

The difference Between Afforestation And Afforestation is that Reforestation is the consequence of deforestation which, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, is a complete elimination of trees. Deforestation and deliberate felling of trees are generally planned and cleared areas are used for activities that are not related to the forest.Difference Between Afforestation And Deforestation

What are the differences between reforestation and afforestation?

Reforestation is not the same as afforestation, although both are aimed at the propagation of vegetation. Afforestation is an effort to afforest an area that originally had no trees. It is the effort to create a new forest in an area previously without trees or in a part of the land that was not covered by forests.

On the other hand, reforestation is repopulating an area that has lost its tree population. It is an initiative in which different countries commit to maintaining ecological balance. Several communities, NGOs, are working relentlessly for reforestation.

Deforestation in the world

In a recent speech, on March 21, 2016, designated as ‘International Day of Forests’, the Secretary-General of the United Nations expressed concern about the depletion of trees and forests. He stressed that forests are necessary for the planet and its inhabitants to survive. He focused on forest interdependence, global climate stability, and healthy living. The United Nations has designed ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ to safeguard forests because they provide resources for livelihoods and survival.

Reforestation is a scientific process because it is not just about planting trees. The system requires adequate knowledge of the climate, the shape of the land, the type of soil in the area. So, to restore a forest community, it is important to select those trees or plant species that will thrive in the area.

With the turn of the century, deforestation has become a global agenda. It includes taking into account forests, natural parks that have almost ceased to exist due to reckless deforestation and help to recover as much as possible the natural vegetation of that region.

Effect of industrialization

We are facing a global environmental crisis since rapid industrialization changed the landscape of the earth. Agricultural lands became factories that disturbed the fragile ecosystem.

When the machines replaced the plow, the entrepreneurs replaced the farmers. This led to an influx of people from the villages to the newly formed industrial areas in search of work.

Large areas of forest were literally cleared to provide workers with housing, build roads and establish railways.

Therefore, the forests began to retreat.


Another important reason that led to rapid deforestation is urbanization. It is a continuous process. As more and more people moved away from the villages, cities expanded invading forest lands to build skyscrapers.

As the industries expanded, new municipalities grew, better media became inevitable. Trees were cut down and roads, bridges, railways, etc. were built. There was no plan to plant new trees to compensate for the loss.

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