What is biotechnology?
Biotechnology is a technology that uses biological systems, organisms or parts of this to develop or create different products.

lab culturing of living cells

The fermentation of bread and bread are examples of processes that go into the concept of biotechnology (the use of yeast (= organism) to produce the desired product). These traditional processes typically use organisms in their natural form (or develop more by reproduction), while the more recent form of biotechnology will generally involve a more advanced modification of the biological system or organism.

With the development of genetic engineering in the 1970s, research in biotechnology (and other related fields such as medicine, biology, etc.) developed rapidly due to the new possibility of changes in the genetic material of living organisms (DNA).

Biotechnology, a promising way to discover new noval genome potential

Today, biotechnology covers many different disciplines (such as genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, etc.). New technologies and products are developed every year in areas such as. Medicine (development of new drugs and therapies), agriculture (development of genetically modified plants, biofuels, biological treatment) or industrial biotechnology (production of chemicals, paper, textiles, food).

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