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What is Difference Between Bryophytes And Pteridophytes?

Difference Between Bryophytes And Pteridophytes is that Plants are generally autotrophic organisms that provide us with oxygen, food, and shelter. They are the raw material of different industrial processes through which products for common use are made for us (paper and medicines for example), in addition, they are the primary link of the different food chains, provide habitat for various animal species, avoid the soil erosion, etc. Difference Between Bryophytes And Pteridophytes

All this makes clear the importance of knowing them, so it is useful to know how these large groups bryophytes and pteridophytes differ.

The bryophyte plants are characterized because they have no conductive vessels, flowers or fruits. They are small plants that live in humid or aquatic places. They reproduce by spores.

They were the first vegetables that, in the Paleozoic, assured the passage to the terrestrial life. They do not have specialized tissues or even true roots.

They can live on logs, rocks, walls, roofs. Their leaves can carry a central conductive nerve through which they absorb water and mineral salts. They are mosses, liverworts, and Anthoceros.

The Pteridophyte Plants are medium in size that are characterized because they have conductive vessels but have neither flowers nor fruits. They live in cool, humid and shady places. They are perennials without secondary development that reach twenty meters high in tropical areas and have aspects of palm trees.

They have true roots, stems, and leaves. They originated in the Devonian period where they formed forests where the current coal deposits come from. They reproduce by spores. They are ferns and horsetails.

 Differences between bryophytes and pteridophytes


Bryophytes do not have sap-conducting vessels.

The dominant phase is the gametophyte, as they produce gametes.

The sporophyte is transient and depends on the gametophyte.


Pteridophytes have sap-conducting vessels.

The dominant phase is the sporophyte, as they produce spores.

The gametophyte is transient and depends on the sporophyte.

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