Deforestation its causes and effects

Deforestation its causes and effects

Cutting down of forests is called deforestation.

Causes of deforestation 

  • To obtain timber
  • To obtain fuel wood
  • For agriculture
  • For urban development

Effects of deforestation

  • Deforestation reduces the amount of water in soil and moisture in air.
  • It increases soil erosion.
  • It causes floods due choking of rivers and dams with silt.
  • It reduces rain fall and cloud formation.
  • Silted dams store less water.

Benefits  of forests

  • Forests support biodiversity.
  • Forests provide timber and fuel wood.
  • Wood pulp is used to make paper.
  • Timber is used in building houses.
  • Forests reduce CO2 and other pollutants from air.
  • Forests attract tourists.


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