Difference Between Data And Information

Difference Between Data And Information is that data are symbols that describe facts, conditions, values ​​or situations. A data can be a letter, a number, a spelling sign or any symbol and that represents a quantity, a measure, a word or a description. The data is characterized by not containing any information.Difference Between Data And Information

Data can be associated with a context to become information. To be useful, data must become information and thus offer meaning, knowledge, ideas or conclusions. By themselves, the data has no ability to communicate meaning.

In general, information is an organized set of data, which constitutes a message about a certain entity or phenomenon.

The data is perceived through the senses, these integrate them and generate the necessary information to produce the knowledge that is what finally allows decisions to be taken to carry out the daily actions that ensure social existence.


For example, a company collects information from a customer and obtains this:

Juan Perez, 30, 154465655, San Martin 1234 Buenos Aires.

All these are data.

Then we have the INFORMATION: it is a set of processed and related data, data that makes sense.

The above data can be processed, sorted and analyzed to become useful information:

Note that even more information can be obtained from the data: the country was not present, but with the city, it can be deduced. Nor was his sex, but by name, it follows that he is male. All of that is INFORMATION.

Basic data and information concepts

The first thing that we must be clear about is what each term is, then we will describe it in the best possible way.

  • A fact is nothing more than a symbolic representation of some situation or knowledge, without any semantic sense, describing situations and facts without transmitting any message. It can be a number, a letter or a fact.
  • While the information is a set of data, which are properly processed so that in this way, they can provide a message that contributes to the decision-making process when solving a problem, in addition to increasing knowledge, in the users who have access to such information.
  • The data are used generally for compressing information in order to facilitate data storage and transmission to other devices. Unlike information, which tends to be very extensive.
  • The information or message is much larger than the data since the information is composed of a set of data of different types.
  • Another remarkable feature of the information is that it is a message that has communicational meaning and a social function. While the data does not reflect any message and it is usually difficult to understand by itself for any human being, lacking utility if it is isolated or without other data groups that create a coherent message.


As we can see, the main difference focuses on the message that can transmit the information, and that data alone cannot perform. A lot of data is needed to create a message or information.

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