Agriculture Definition and its Importance in food Fuel and industrial raw materials

What is agriculture?

Agriculture is the basis of all civilizations. The importance of agriculture can be revealed from the fact that It is part of everything from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. Man has learned the importance of agriculture in feeding his tribes from ancient times and started collecting and cultivating seeds of cereals.  Agriculture forms many of the traditions and values on which this world is built up off.

Definition: Agriculture is the science, art, and occupation of crop production, livestock breeding, and soil cultivation.

Important agricultural products or Importance of Agriculture

Agriculture has great importance in our daily life. The clothing we wear to the houses we live in all is formed directly or indirectly from agricultural products. Without agriculture, life on this planet will not be survived. Agricultural products are divided into four main groups: Food, fuel, fiber, and raw materials:

Importance of Agriculture in Food Production

Agriculture, the oldest profession of humans, continued from Adam A.S. ( the first human on earth) to up till now. The importance of agriculture can be understood from the fact that our all food is produced by this profession and without it we can not feed such a large world population.

Cereals and cereal crops are grown in more than half of the world’s cultivated area, according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). But food crops include more than just grains such as wheat, barley, barley, oats, rice, beans, grams, etc. Meat and dairy products such as milk are also agriculture-based food products, such as honey and farmed fish.

Importance of Agriculture in Production of Fuel

Ethanol, made from corn, sugar cane, or sorghum, is the most widely used agricultural fuel product. However, agricultural by-products such as sugar cane are burned to produce energy. Jatropha oil from the seeds of Jatropha Curcas is an excellent source of biodiesel, the fuel that can be used in motor vehicles.

Raw materials obtained by agriculture

Examples of agricultural raw materials which are used in various industries are the following.

  • raw latex
  • crude oil
  • cotton
  • raw biomass
  • Rubber
  • Raw Herbs
  • Gums
  • Raw cereals
  • jute

List of Industries that use agricultural raw materials 

Modern man is producing important agriculture-based products by various industries.  industries that use agricultural materials are following

  • The Coffee Industry
  • The Sugar Industry
  • Fruits and Vegetable-Based Industry
  • The Cotton Textile Industry
  • The Vegetable oil industry
  • The Tea Industry
  • Floriculture Based Industry
  • The Jute Textile Industry

The job description of Agriculturist

  • Processing, financing, marketing, and distribution of agricultural products
  • Managing and look after agricultural supply and services industries
  • Give plans and their implementation in the use and conservation of land and water resources
  • Focus on food consumption and its effect on health and nutrition
  • Development and maintenance of recreational resources
  • Research and give policies regarding economic, political, social, environmental, and cultural characteristics related to the food and fiber system
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