What is Difference Between Lipids And Fats?

Difference Between Lipids And Fats is that Sometimes we use the word fat too generically and it would not be bad if we explained the difference between fat and lipids.

Difference Between Lipids And Fats

These are terms that especially interest those who have oily or oily skin. We also talk continuously about excess sebum, that nightmare of brightness and sesación of dirt so unpleasant. Let’s put some order.

Lipids are fatty components produced by the same skin in the corneal layer (in the photo, “strat corn”). And thankfully we have them because they are the filler material between the cells. Thanks to them they remain compact and help the skin’s barrier function.

By filling the intercellular space, they retain water in the skin. From the outside, they mark the border to irritating elements and bacteria that nothing positive would contribute. When the level of these natural lipids is insufficient, dryness problems begin.

Fat It has to do with tallow or, rather, with its excess. Sebum is what the sebaceous glands produce. They are located in a deeper place of the skin, in the dermis, away from the corneal layer of which we speak with lipids. It is neither the same nor in the same place: look at the photo.

So far, we can’t talk about fat the way we usually talk about it. When the sebum is secreted by the gland, it goes up the duct to the pore that gives way to make it wider at the surface of the skin.

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