Erectile Dysfunction: causes, treatment and solutions

Erectile dysfunction is an increasingly common and extremely alarming and worrying problem for men who suffer from it. It is said that the main cause of this pathology is psychological, so if the man is not emotionally stable, he is more likely to suffer from it. Although it is an increasing problem, the good news is that in the vast majority of cases it is easily cured, especially if the cause is of psychological origin. So if you are currently suffering from this problem or it is your partner who suffers from it and you want to help it, this online Psychology article on psychological erectile dysfunction: causes, treatment, and solutions, it will surely be very useful for you that you can know how this problem can be eradicated.causes of Erectile Dysfunction

It is important that you stay extremely informed about this pathology since the more you are, you will avoid confusion and even unnecessary worries. Therefore, I recommend that you make sure that the information you are looking for on the Internet is reliable and/or if you have more doubts related to your particular case, the best thing you can do is go to consult it directly with a professional.

Erectile psychological dysfunction: causes

There are many causes of psychological origin by which a man can begin to have this type of problem, however, among the main ones we can highlight the following:

  • Stress and nerves. Stress is a fairly common cause that can generate this type of condition. If a person is subject to high levels of constant stress, whether at home because they are going through difficult family situations, because they have a very absorbent job with too many obligations, among other situations that consume a lot of energy and vitality, it is very likely that this will be reflected not only at the psychological level, but also physically. Remember that for an erection to occur, the brain must be stimulated to send this information to the body and react in a certain way. So if during relationships, the person is quite stressed and tense, it will be impossible for him to really connect with what he is doing in the here and now.
  • Fear of pregnancy or any STD. Another situation that can prevent an erection in man is that he is extremely concerned about getting his partner pregnant and/or because he transmits a sexually transmitted disease or vice versa. This will obviously affect your concentration and, therefore, your sexual performance.
  • Problems in the relationship. When there is no good relationship with the couple, because they are going through a crisis or simply because they have never learned to solve their problems and are increasingly increasing, it is very common for this type of condition to appear.
  • Anxiety. It usually happens that when this problem ever occurs in which the man fails to maintain his erection due to temporary reasons, such as having been stressed for a few days, having many worries in the head, etc., he has been left with the fear of May this continue to happen forever. So every time you try to have sex, you will begin to feel too anxious about not being able to give up what he wants and instead of enjoying the sexual act, he tortures himself demanding to do it in a “proper way”. This problem increases if, in spite of that, the couple criticizes and recriminates him for not being able to maintain the erection any longer.
  • Sexual preferences Another reason why this may be happening to a man is that his sexual preferences are not directed towards the person with whom he is having relations and, even so, he wants to do it or force himself to it. Therefore, it is important, to be honest with yourself and recognize the origin of this problem that can occur in this case due to the lack of sexual desire.

Solutions for psychological erectile dysfunction

Next, we will mention some simple psychological erectile dysfunction tips that you can start putting into practice if you want to work to solve this problem for yourself. However, it is important to keep in mind that in case the problem has persisted enough over time and/or you have not been able to face it, it is necessary that you go directly to a professional to be the one who is responsible for offer you the treatment that best suits your situation and your needs.

Stay in the here and now

Do not let your mind begin to wander every time you are going to have or are having sex. Stop worrying about what is going to happen, if you are going to give up what you want or not, if you are going to be able to have an erection right away, etc. Forget all that and devote yourself to fully enjoy the moment.

You can concentrate more on the sensations that you are experiencing with physical contact with your partner, think about how much you are attracted to her, etc. Do not lose sight of your main objective that is to enjoy. Something that can help you to achieve this is meditation or mindfulness, which is an extremely valuable tool to calm the mind and allows us to focus more on the present, which is the only thing we have for sure.

Reduce stress

In the treatment of psychological erectile dysfunction, it is very important to eliminate the stress and worries of your life. We all go through difficult situations, be they family, financial, social, etc., however, we are not going to complicate our lives and stop enjoying everything else we have.

If you have problems and a lot of stress in any area, try not to focus solely on the negative side that this has for you and, on the contrary, learn to find learning in each of the difficulties you have and that motivates you Each time doing better. Learn also to worry at the moment when you have to do it and, above all, take care. Once you have done so, the time you have left where you have to do other things, such as living with your family, friends and, in this case, when you are going to have relationships with your partner, forget about it and enjoy that feeling That can be as pleasant as you wish.

Contraceptive methods

If your main concern is to make your partner pregnant or transmit or transmit a sexually transmitted disease, remember that there are contraceptive methods that can be used safely so that this does not happen. As well as you can protect yourself to prevent the transmission of any STD. Here it is also important that you are responsible for choosing who to have a sexual encounter with and if your partner or you have any STDs, it is important to undergo medical treatment to eradicate it.

do exercise

Exercising will help you not only increase your well-being and physical performance but also on a psychological level by improving your emotional well-being. It is a great help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment

As I mentioned earlier, if your problem of erectile dysfunction has been maintained over time and until now you have not been able to eradicate it for yourself and it is bringing you more and more problems at a psychological level and even as a couple, it is necessary that You go to a professional to receive treatment.

The most appropriate treatment of erectile dysfunction and that has proved to be more effective for this type of case is psychological, since through psychotherapy the affected person can better understand the origin of his problem and, likewise, he can be Give the most appropriate solution to your situation. It should be borne in mind that in many cases this disease can have some other type of psychological disorder as a background, such as depression or some type of anxiety disorder, so the best way to know and be diagnosed correctly is going to the psychologist.

The psychologist will be in charge of offering you a treatment that aims to work on each of the causes of erectile dysfunction through specific exercises and tools such as, for example, relaxation exercises, cognitive restructuring, which seeks to eliminate irrational thoughts that are limiting you, exercises that have to be done as a couple, etc. Sometimes, when you have a stable partner, it is necessary that both go to therapy to resolve the conflicts that are occurring between them and have a long time without being able to resolve and help them, thus, to have a better relationship.

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