What is Difference Between Aestivation And Hibernation?

Difference Between Aestivation And Hibernation is that The words “hibernate” and “winter” have the same Latin origin. They come from “hiems” (winter). Then, it is understandable that doubts arise regarding your writing.Difference Between Aestivation And Hibernation in biology

these days, many have the opportunity to enjoy winter vacations. The cold and cloudy days invite you to stay at home, chocolate through, watching a series or a movie on television.

“I’m going to hibernate,” Natalia said, and immediately wondered: “Or is it said to winter?”

Both terms are correct. The difference lies in its meaning. They are homophones. Hibernation


refers to a physiological state that occurs in certain animals to adapt to extreme winter conditions.

An example is a groundhog. This rodent mammal sleeps so deeply throughout the winter that it practically does not move and lives of the reserves it stored for the rest of the year. Hence the phrase: sleep like a groundhog.

The word “hibernate” has its origin in Latin. From hiems (winter) drifts Tiberius (winter) and hibernate (hibernate).

Faced with this etymology, the crisis of understanding is great, because it breaks with the expected. If both “hibernate” and “winter” have the same root, it is understandable that doubts arise regarding their writing. On this basis, Natalia’s doubt is based. Winter


has its etymology in ancient Spanish. This can be seen in the tentative dictionary of medieval Spanish, by Ralph Steele Boggs, Lloyd August Kasten, Ralph Hayward Keniston, and Henry Brush Richardson, from 1948: “Invierno. (From lat. Hibernum ) Hivyerno, ibierno, ybierno, yvierno “.

This dictionary “is no more than a very partial attempt,” says Spanish philologist Rafael Lapesa; but it gives us a panorama that in the medieval Castilian several deformations of this word existed until reaching our current “winter”.

Wintering, meanwhile, means “grazing in a greenhouse.”

In turn, “greenhouse” is a place for the pasture of cattle in winter or a place set to favor the cultivation of plants, where the temperature and humidity conditions are maintained.

After this brief tour of words that have a common origin, but that today have different spellings, it is clear that Natalia did not want to graze anywhere (like a cow), but to remain still in a place to rest (like a groundhog ), therefore she wanted to hibernate. Difference Between Aestivation And Hibernation

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