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What is Difference Between Right And Left Lung?

Difference Between Right And Left Lung is that In the right lung it separates the upper and middle lobes from the lower lobe, while in the left lung it separates the only two lobes: upper and lower.Difference Between Right And Left Lung

Characteristics of the right lung

-It has three lobes: upper lobe, middle lobe, and lower lobe
-It has 2 fissures: an oblique fissure and a horizontal fissure.
-It is short and wide because the diaphragmatic dome rises higher through the liver, so the heart and pericardium protrude more to the left.
-Weight around 600gr.
-The anterior edge of the right lung is quite straight and its pulmonary hilum is rectangular in shape.

The impressions of the mediastinal face of the right lung are:
– Above the pulmonary hilum: groove for the azygos vein arch and groove for the right brachycephalic vein.
– In front of the pulmonary hilum: Tracheal groove, groove for the superior vena cava and cardiac impression.
– Behind the pulmonary hilum: groove for the esophagus.
– Below the pulmonary hilum: groove for the inferior vena cava.

Characteristics of the left lung 

has the oblique fissure, which divides the lung into 2 lobes: an upper one and a lower one.
-Its anterior border is interrupted by the deep cardiac recess.
-It has the tongue that is a prolongation of the upper lobe, formed by the indentation of the cardiac recess in the anteroinferior aspect of the upper lobe of the lung.
-The angle extends over the cardiac recess, enters and exits the left costomediastinal recess during inspiration or expiration.
-The left lung is long and measures approximately 500gr.
-The pulmonary hilum is shaped like a racket with a lower handle.
-The left pulmonary root is related in front with the left phrenic nerve and behind with the left vagus nerve.

The impressions of the mediastinal face of the left lung are:
– Above the hilum: groove for the arch of the aorta, groove for the subclavian artery, groove for the trachea, groove for the esophagus.
– In front of the hilum: groove for the 1st rib, cardiac recess.
– Behind the hilum: groove for the thoracic parts.
– Below the hilum: esophageal groove.

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