3 Top Environmental Issues

What are the environmental issues?

The main environmental problems that we present to you in this article are as follows:

Climate change
Atmospheric pollution
Acid rain
Soil Erosion or Degradation
Land pollution
Waste generation
Lack of recycling
Use of disposable plastic
Increased ecological footprint
Non-ecological production
Planned obsolescence
Loss of biodiversity
Illegal cash trafficking
meat-based diet
Food overproduction
Water shortage
Fossil fuel combustion
Oil accidents

1. Air pollution

We are already noticing several lung diseases due to the polluted air we breathe. From the vehicles we drive to the manufacturing of the sugar we consume every day, each of us contributes to air pollution. As technology develops and innovative ideas emerge, there is an even greater threat to increased air pollution in both developed and developing countries.

Solution: We can reduce air pollution from our homes by minimizing vehicle use and carpooling whenever possible.

2. Deforestation

Although we do not directly witness the consequences of deforestation, it is one of the underlying reasons for many problems we face today such as lack of water, imbalance of biodiversity, species extinction and even air pollution. Due to urbanization, we are cutting more trees and occupying forest areas to cope with the increase in population. As a result, we indirectly damage the environment and push it to a point beyond which there is no turning back.

Solution: We can try to rebalance deforestation by planting more trees in our surroundings and avoiding wood products.

3. Water pollution

The water we drink is so polluted, especially in developing countries, that it has become one of the main causes of many life-threatening diseases. As we dump a lot of chemicals into water sources like the sea, rivers, lakes, and oceans, we contaminate the main source of consumption for all animals, birds, and humans. Also, the dumping of plastics in the ocean has become the main reason for the death of many aquatic lives.

Solution: We can leave home saying “no” to chemical pesticides for our home gardening and switch to natural substances. We also need to be careful about the release of plastic substances into our toilets and sewage which can threaten aquatic life.

4. Depletion of the ozone layer

The depletion of the ozone layer is the main cause of the increase in skin cancer in the world. This depletion is also the direct contributor to the Earth’s temperature increase. So what causes ozone depletion? Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and halons are commonly found in aerosol cans and refrigerants. These UV rays are also responsible for immune disorders and affect agricultural productivity.

Solution: We can limit the use of items in our household that generate CFCs and halons.

5. Loss of biodiversity

For all the above reasons, we are seeing a sharp increase in the extinction of several species of plants, animals, birds, insects, and other organisms. With each of these species playing a role in the balance of sustenance on Earth, this loss of biodiversity creates a huge imbalance that further takes on a chain reaction. This disruption of the food chain and plant life threatens our ecosystem and can affect the main source of food and medicine.

Solution: Although we, as normal humans, cannot do anything directly to impact biodiversity, we can change our lives to ensure that we minimize the previous four environmental concerns to impact biodiversity. ecosystem

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