What is Difference Between Frog And Toad?

The Difference Between Frog And Toad is that The toads and frogs are very different, we can see at a glance. While it is true that they have a great resemblance, we can see clear differences between them. However, it is not as easy as we think. We will briefly review what the differences between toads and frogs are, and then we will discover how these two amphibians really are related.

Difference Between Frog And Toad

Differences between toads and frogs

Although they look somewhat similar, the physical differences are notable. The toads are more dry and rough skin, while frogs have it more moist, smooth and shiny. In turn, frogs are characterized by long and slender limbs that allow them to jump agilely, while toads have shorter limbs and are not as agile as frogs.

Regarding behavior, frogs prefer water and wetter habitats, while toads inhabit drier and dirtier places. Regarding their reproductive behavior, toads usually lay their eggs in a row, while frogs do it in groups together like a cloud.

Atelopus certus: According to its physical characteristics we would say that it is a frog, however, it is a species of toad, belonging to the Bufonidae family. The same goes for all species of the genus Atelopus.

The physical differences between toads and frogs are not enough to distinguish them exhaustively. In fact, even taking into account the physical differences, we are very likely to confuse them, simply because they belong to very large and complex families, in which the physical characteristics are not completely differentiated in reality.

Some short-legged frogs and semi-rough skin are mistakenly considered toads, precisely because they do not meet the characteristics normally attributed to frogs. Similarly, some toads with bright skin and slender limbs are mistakenly considered frogs.

According to Christopher Raxworthy, a specialist at the American Museum of Natural History, physical characteristics are not enough to differentiate exactly each species of frogs and toads. Thus, to be absolutely and completely sure which animal it is really, it is also necessary to analyze its cellular structure, since the difference is at the genetic level.

There are several differences between true frogs and true toads. Frogs have a soft and moist skin, which looks viscous. Toads are drier, with rough skin that looks very bumpy, like warts. From here comes the myth that you will have warts when touching a toad, however that is simply not true.

Toads have a strange smell and disgusting taste on the skin. This is to avoid the larger animals that would like to eat them. Frogs have thinner bodies than toads. The widest and fat-looking toads. Frogs also have longer legs and webbed hind legs, and toads do not have long legs to jump, as they move walking, and do not require webbed feet to swim, because they live on land. Frogs live in the water and jump everywhere.

Toads lay their eggs in the water, as do frogs because their babies also start as tadpoles. The difference is that frog eggs remain in clusters, or groups, and have a gelatinous substance around them. Toads lay their eggs in lines or chains, on the leaves of plants that live in the water. The Difference Between Frog And Toad

In some parts of the world, especially in tropical regions near the equator, frogs and toads are very similar and the only way to differentiate frogs and toads is to look at their teeth and bones.

If you really want to be able to tell the difference between frogs and toads, ask your parents to take you to the local zoo and visit the amphibian house. There will be frogs and toads from all over the world there. Do not look at the names of the creatures; Try to find out for yourself which are toads and which frogs, since now that you know the difference between frogs and toads. The Difference Between Frog And Toad

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