What is Difference Between Science and Technology?

Difference Between Science and Technology is that When people hear the term “science,” it is very common to be associated with the term “technology.” Although these two terms can sometimes be interchangeable, in reality, they are different and here we explain what is the difference between science and technology.Difference Between Science and Technology

The term “Science” comes from the Latin “scientia” (knowledge) and is a knowledge acquisition system based on the scientific method. It is an organized set of knowledge acquired through this type of research. Science, as defined here, is sometimes referred to as “pure science” to differentiate it from “applied science,” which is the application of scientific research to specific human needs.

Science is a systematic set of knowledge that follows a series of steps in order to predict a result. Science branches into different disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, physics, etc. Science is a knowledge acquisition system. This system uses observation and experimentation to describe and explain natural phenomena.

The fields of science are commonly classified into two main areas:

  • Natural sciences, which study natural phenomena (including biological life)
  • The social sciences, which study behavior and human societies.

The term  “Technology”  comes from the Greek “teknhé”  (technique or trade) and “logos” (the study of) and is the application of knowledge with the use of certain tools to improve the ability to control the environment of a species.

It is very common for people to associate the term “technology” with man-made machinery or devices, but this term does not necessarily have to be related to physical objects. Whenever a set of knowledge is applied in a practical way through the development of methodologies we are talking about technology. From this point of view, science and technology intersect in the area of ​​”applied science.”


  • Science focuses on knowledge, while technology focuses on the application of that knowledge.
  • Science looks for causes, the technology looks for new processes.
  • Science analyzes and creates theories, technology synthesizes and designs new methods.
  • Science uses experimentation for the discovery and explanation of different phenomena, the technology applies, designs invents and uses tools that facilitate or improve the life of man.

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