List of Basic Biology Terms That Start with a

Basic Biology Terms That Start with a

List of Biology Terms That Start with a

Here is the list of main Biology terms that start with a Feel free to scroll down to search for a biology term. There are so many Biology terms that start with the alphabet “a” but I have listed here the most important one included in the syllabus of Secondary and higher school biology.

ABIOTIC: Non-living components of the environment such as water, sunlight, soil, heat, etc.

ACID RAIN: Rain containing sulfuric acid and nitric acid; with a pH range of 3 to 6

ACROMEGALY: Abnormal growth due to excessive production of growth hormone after growing old; only the internal organs and extremities of the body grow larger, and sufferers have large hands, feet, and jaws.

ACROSOME: A cap-shaped sperm head that helps it enter the egg.

ADDICTIVE DRUG: The drug that makes a person dependent, or addicted

ADRENAL CORTEX: The outer part of the adrenal gland; secretes corticosteroids

ADRENAL MEDULLA: The inner part of the adrenal gland; epinephrine or adrenaline secrets

ADRENALINE: epinephrine; a hormone that prepares the body to overcome emergency situations; a neurotransmitter produced by certain nerve cells

ALLELE: The alternate form of a gene

ALTERNATION OF GENERATIONS: In plants, the phenomenon of alternation of generations of sporophytes and gametophytes

ALVEOLAR CANAL: Fine tubes at the end of the bronchioles; open in the alveoli

ALVEOLUS: A sac-like structure present next to the alveolar duct in the lungs

AMMONIFICATION: The breakdown of proteins in dead plants and animals, and nitrogenous wastes into ammonia by ammonia-forming bacteria

PAIN RELIEVER: Medicines that reduce pain

ANDROECIUM: The male reproductive whorl of the flower; consists of stamens

ANTHER: The sac-like structure of a stamen in which pollen grains are produced

ANTIBIOTICS: Drugs that inhibit or kill bacteria

ANTIDIURETIC HORMONE: The hormone of the posterior pituitary gland; promotes the reabsorption of water in the kidney tubules

APPENDICULAR SKELETON: the division of the skeleton that includes the arms, hands, legs, feet, shoulder girdle, and pelvic girdle

WATERY HUMOR: The fluid in the anterior chamber of the eye, that is, between the cornea and the iris

ARTHRITIS: Terms used for inflammation in the joints

ARTIFICIAL SELECTION: Selective breeding; intentional reproduction between individuals for certain traits, or combination of traits

ASPIRIN: acetaminophen; Pain medication

ASTHMA: An inflammation of the bronchi that causes swelling and narrowing of the airways

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