Taxa and Taxonomic Hierarchy

 Taxa or Taxonomic Category and  Taxonomic Hierarchy

Taxa or Taxonomic Category

The groups in to which organisms are classified are called taxonomic category or taxa.

 Taxonomic hierarchy

Taxa form a ladder called taxonomic hierarchy.


It is a largest taxa formed by related phyla.


It is a group of related classes.


It is a group of related orders.


It is a group of related families.


It is a group of related genera.


Ans. It is a group of related species.


It is a group of similar organisms which can freely interbreed among them and produce fertile offspring.  Species is the basic unit of classification.

Taxonomic hierarchy of human beings.

Kingdom:           Animalia

Phylum:             Chordate

Class:                 Mammalia

Order:                Primates

Family:              Homonidae

Genus:               Homo                                             

Species:             Homo sapiens

Taxonomic hierarchy of Pea.

Kingdom:           plantae

Phylum:             Magnoliophyta

Class:                  Magnoliopsida

Order:                 Fabales

Family:               Fabaceae

Genus:                 pisum

Species:               Pisum sativus

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