What is Difference Between Vaccination And Immunization?

Difference Between Vaccination And Immunization is that Regular injections you take against certain diseases can hurt a lot. Just remember that the diseases they prevent could hurt much more. There has been much discussion about which natural immunization or vaccination is better. If you are confused about the use of the two terms, check out the section below.Difference Between Vaccination And Immunization

Both immunizations and vaccines refer to a condition in which the body becomes indifferent against a disease. The difference lies in how this indifference is acquired. Immunization is the general term for all types of indifference that your body acquires towards a disease. You can acquire it naturally, getting the disease at some time. You can acquire it through artificial exposure to a controlled amount of the germs that cause the disease. This is called vaccination. Somehow, vaccination is also a type of immunization. The only difference is that you acquire it artificially, in a safer way.

Although you may find that the term is used indiscriminately, they really mean different things. Vaccines can contain dead or weakened germs that are capable of causing disease. However, the germs are dead or weakened to the point that they are unable to cause the disease. When these are introduced into our body as a vaccine, antibodies develop against them. If they are wondering what antibodies, they are soldiers of nature, fighting against any perception of the ‘threat’ to the body. Once the body produces these antibodies, they live forever. If you ever have the virus or germ again, these antibodies kill before they damage your body.

Now, the same happens in an immunization. The only difference is that the process is natural. Once you have the disease and your body overcomes it, it ‘stores’ the information in the form of the antibodies. As in a vaccination, those antibodies fight if they have the virus or germ a second time.

Wondering why people get vaccinated if they can get immunity naturally? This is because most diseases do not give you a chance to live beyond the first attack. Think of diseases like smallpox, tetanus, and diphtheria. Millions of people worldwide have died of these feared diseases before vaccines were developed. Other diseases have caused irreparable damage to the body of the survivor. Would you like to risk losing your life or becoming disabled, just for wanting to go the natural way?

Today, we have vaccines against fatal diseases such as rubella, polio, tetanus, and pertussis. Efforts are being made to develop the first vaccines against dreaded influenza. When a vaccine is given, it is protected from a number of diseases in a safe way. It is one of the miracles of modern science.

So the next time you fear a needle in your arm, reflect on all the miseries and sufferings that are being avoided – then it won’t hurt so much!

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