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what are branches of agriculture

Branches of agriculture and their meaning

The main branches of agriculture fall into the following four categories.
A) crop production
B) Livestock Production
C) Farm tools and machinery
D) Marketing of agricultural products

A) crop production

wheat crop
wheat an important cereal crop in the world. Wheat flour is the base of bakery items.

Various types of crops can be grown by framers
• Annual crops such as cereals, legumes, garden peas, etc.
• Perennial crops such as coffee, tea, and sugar cane, etc.
• Field crops such as tea, sugarcane, and others.
• Horticulture: Horticulture deals with the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental crops.
Sub-branches of horticulture include (1) Pomology
(2) Olericulture
(3) Floriculture

• Pomology deals with the cultivation of fruit plants.

apple orchard harvesting time. tudy of fruits production is called pomology
apple orchard harvesting time

• Olericulture is the cultivation of vegetables such as French beans, cabbage, and tomatoes.

olericulture , a science of vegetables production.
hydroponic vegetable cultivation, a new revolution in agriculture

• Floriculture is the cultivation of flowers such as Jasmine, rose, and tulips.

B) Livestock Production

Zoology: Animal science is mainly animal husbandry that deals with the care rearing of animals for specific purposes, such as meat, milk and/or fur.

cattle farming
calf tagged on a farm. Calf caring is a challenging job for a farmer

Nomadic pastoralism This is the rearing of cattle herds while moving from one area in search of pastures and clean water.
Pastoralism deals with the raising of livestock. It is animal husbandry: the care, rearing and use of animals such as cattle, buffaloes, camels, goats, yaks, reindeer, horses and sheep.
Poultry farming: is the rearing of poultry birds such as chicken, goose, turkey, duck, pigeons, etc.
Aquaculture is the science of fish farming.
Beekeeping is the science of Beekeeping and production of honey.

C) Farm tools and machinery

mechanized farming a promising way to increase per acre yield, land preparation by tractor
Land preparation by a tractor. Mechanized farming a promising way to increase per acre yield

Agricultural Engineering; Agricultural engineering involves knowledge of agricultural machinery and equipment. It also deals with the development of new systems and practices to address the problems facing agriculture. It also deals with the use and maintenance of agricultural tools, machinery, and structures.

D) Marketing agricultural produce

Marketing eggs of farm. Egg farming, fulfilling demand of increasing protein food.
Marketing eggs of a farm. Egg farming, fulfilling the demand for increasing protein food.

Agricultural economy: The agricultural economy deals with agriculture products from a business point of view. Agriculture economics is a branch of agriculture that deals with the use of scarce resources aiming to increase production while reducing costs.

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