Why is International Sun Day celebrated

The Sun is the largest star in our system, although not in the Universe. Thanks to this key element, among others, there is life on Earth and not only that, but we can take advantage of the energy it offers us in various ways. The sun’s rays offer us light and heat, which allows the basic life of plants and animals but also allows great technological advances. In addition, it is a renewable energy because it is a source that does not run out.

For all this and more, we dedicate a specific day to celebrate its existence: June 21 . At ReadBiology we tell you why International Sun Day is celebrated and what day it is.

What day is International Sunshine Day and why do we celebrate it?

If you are wondering what the International Day of the Sun is, as we have advanced at the beginning of the article, you can now write June 21 on your agenda .

Why is June 21 when World Sun Day is celebrated? Well, because it was chosen to celebrate the existence of this great star because it is the summer solstice , the shortest day of the year, and it serves to remind us of the importance of the Sun in our lives and that of all living beings on the planet, as well as for all natural processes that occur on Earth, such as meteorological phenomena. Thus, the main objective of celebrating the International Day of the Sun is to teach the population of the whole world what is the role of this in our existence, since we obtain life and quality from it thanks to the energy it gives us.

Solar energy and its types

Solar energy is what we obtain thanks to the fact that the Sun’s rays reach our entire planet, that is, the electromagnetic radiation radiated by the Sun reaches our atmosphere in a way that benefits us. From this energy we can obtain both light and heat and, from there, we can have electricity, heating, hot water, movement of vehicles, etc. In addition, being a renewable energy, it is much better to use this energy source than others that are not and are more polluting, such as nuclear energy or fossil fuels. Therefore, it can greatly help reduce environmental pollution.

types of solar energy

Depending on the way in which the energy that comes from the Sun is obtained and used, or more specifically according to the technology used to obtain, store, distribute and use it, we can differentiate these types of solar energy:

  • Eco-solar energy
  • active solar energy
  • passive solar energy
  • hybrid solar power
  • Photovoltaic Solar Energy
  • Thermal solar energy
  • thermoelectric solar energy

How is International Sun Day celebrated?

The World or International Day of the Sun is celebrated all over the world, carrying out various educational public activities and congresses on the benefits that we obtain from the Sun, both humans and other living beings, as well as on obtaining this energy, in order to get to obtain it and use it in the cleanest way possible and pollute our planet less and less.

Another way to celebrate this special day that we can take into account is to help spread, explain and educate our closest friends and relatives, especially the youngest and those who are learning these issues at school, the real importance of this day and to celebrate everything that the Sun gives us. Without a doubt, it is a natural resource that we can continue to use and that we can learn to use better and better and, in this way, take better care of our planet.

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