Where do real-life fantastic animals live?

Have you ever wondered what are the fantastic animals that inhabit in real life? In this post, we will show you that this fauna is closer than you think!

This one goes to the zoologists on duty, or also to you, a biologist who, since childhood, likes to observe and take care of all kinds of animals. Who never squinted their eyes when watching “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and thought about how that place was paradise? – Newt biologist wronged, we understand you!

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Well, if you don’t understand bulhufas I’ll explain! You’ve heard of Harry Potter, right? If you inhabit the same planet I bet you do lol

In light of this, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is the newest movie series from this magical world.

This saga takes place in 1926, and as the protagonist we have Newt Scamander, a magizoologist ! That’s right, a zoologist representing the biology team in the wizarding world, an ahazo right?!

But calm down ! This post is not a film review, it’s actually to say that you can experience, even a little , of all that magic of the movies. And I’m not talking about illegal substances, huh?! Hahahaha

Many of the animals that appear in the movies are inspired by real animals. Exactly! Animals that almost no one knows, but are out there, spread across this world of diversity. And today we are going to introduce you, without further ado…

Kelpie – Leaf Sea Dragon

Authorial image: Lela Carretto

Wizarding World : The Kelpie is an aquatic creature that lives in streams and rivers, native to Scotland. He has the appearance of a horse with a fish’s tail when in water, and that of a horse or man on dry land.

Muggle World : The leafy sea dragon ( Phycodurus eques ) is an aquatic animal that thanks to leaf-like structures that grow on its body, give this little guy the appearance of a seaweed. This species can be found in the southern and eastern waters of Australia.

Niffler – Platypus + Echidna

Authorial image: Lela Carretto

Wizarding World : Niffler is a small animal with a long snout and they are great diggers. He also has a baby carrier (bag like a kangaroo) to wait for all his precious finds and they are attracted to shiny objects, including gold.

Muggle World: The platypus is a semiaquatic mammal native to Australia and Tasmania.

The echidna , along with the platypus are classified within the group of monotremes , this means that they are mammals that lay eggs. ( Did you think that only platypus that gave milk and laid eggs? You thought wrong!)

The echidna , on the other hand , is native to Australia and New Guinea, has a pouch on its belly ( unlike the Niffler, it uses this pouch to incubate its eggs ) and can also dig holes very quickly.

Thunderbird – Bald Eagle

Authorial image: Lela Carretto

Wizarding World : The Thunderbird is a magical bird native to North America, with golden eyes and white feathers.

The thunderbird can sense danger and control the weather. Causing storms, with lightning and clouds coming out of its wings during its flight.

Muggle World: The thunderbird was inspired by Haliaeetus leucocephalus , better known as the bald eagle .

This bird of prey is native to Alaska, Canada, Northern Mexico and the entire United States, and usually lives near rivers, seas or lakes.

It is worth mentioning that this bald eagle always looks for large and old trees for its reproduction – very magical don’t you think?

Bowtruckle – Woodworm

Authorial image: Lela Carretto

Wizarding World : The Bowtruckle has a body like a stick with leaves, reaching 20 cm in length and is difficult to find ( master of the art of camouflage ).

They have two sharp fingers on each arm that they use to dig trees. And their feet are shaped like roots, allowing for flexible movement.

Muggle World: It’s nothing new that Bowtruckle is inspired by the wonderful and magical stick insects, this insect as perfect in its camouflage as it is in its delicacy.

Demiguise – Japanese Monkey

Authorial image: Lela Carretto

Wizarding World: The Demiguise is a herbivorous animal, very difficult to capture, its eyesight is excellent and it has a premonition ability. 

His big bangs covering his eyes completely would be harmful if his hair didn’t have the ability to invisibly. They are strong and capable of carrying an adult, their long fingers allow them to run and climb large trees . 

Muggle World: Well, we don’t have any animal that uses fur to disappear, but here in the Muggle world we have the Japanese macaque , which in appearance and apes, comes very close to the Demiguise.

Occamy – Anaconda + Blue Macaw

Authorial image: Lela Carretto

Wizarding World: The Occamy is a bipedal, feathered animal that lives in the Far East and India. They can reach up to four and a half meters in height.

This species is extremely aggressive to anyone who approaches it, its food is composed of rats, birds, and in some situations, monkeys. They are super protective with their eggs, which have a silver shell – the face of wealth!

Muggle World: Unfortunately, we still don’t have animals with silver eggs, but this magical beauty is the result of the combination of two animals. The anaconda , one of the largest snakes in the world, found in South America.

And the hyacinth macaw , found in the Amazon rainforest, has all the majesty that fantastic animals seek.

Erumpent – ​​Rhino

Authorial image: Lela Carretto

Wizarding World: The Erumpent is a creature from the continent of Africa, with thick skin capable of repelling any type of spell and curses, it has a long horn and a thick tail.

Muggle World: Well, this one doesn’t have much doubt, right, the rhino is a large animal that has thick skin, horns and hooves. They weigh more than 3 to 5 tons and measure 2.5 to 4 meters in length.

The only hair on these animals is on the tip of the tail and ears. Although his eyesight is not very good, his hearing excels.

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