Tumor suppressor gene

  • The protein product of a tumor suppressor gene can directly or indirectly prevent cell division or cause cell death.
  • Tumor suppressor genes can be compared to the brake system of a car.
  • Loss of function of a tumor suppressor gene can result in abnormal behavior of the cell.
  • Here are some of the key tumor suppressor genes:
    • P53
      • A transcription factor that regulates gene control of cell division and cell death.
      • It plays an important role in the response of cells to DNA damage.
      • Helps make decisions between repair and induction of cell death.
    • Rb
      • Act to alter transcription factor activity.
      • Cell division is controlled by acting as an inhibitor.
    • APC
      • APC proteins bind and stimulate the degradation of transcription factors.
      • Loss of functional APC protein leads to an increase in cell division.
    • BRCA
      • BRCA proteins have a variety of functions, including repair of DNA damage and regulation of gene expression.
      • Abnormal function of BRCA can lead to impaired DNA repair and gene regulation.

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