The “Tinder” of animals and the conservation of species

You probably know Tinder, an online dating app designed for us humans, but do you know “tinder” for animals?

The purpose of the Tinder app is for people to meet potential partners. When two users are interested in each other, both are notified and can start a conversation. But did you know that there is a “Tinder” for animals ?

Actually “Tinder” is just an analogy to the application, the animal world version is called Species360 ZIMS ( Zoological Information Management System ) or Zoological Information Management System. And don’t go thinking it has few users, more than 1,100 zoos, aquariums and wildlife institutions in 96 countries use this system [1,2,3].
ZIMS logo. Source

Why use “Tinder” for animals?

Zoos and aquariums have as one of the pillars the conservation of species , and they use ZIMS to assist in this task. But how do they do it?

ZIMS has a huge database, there are more than 22,000 species and ten million individual animals registered! [3]

It still has data on age, diet, genetics, location, behavior , and many other information about each individual [1,2,3].

With all this data available, professionals examine the profiles and have the possibility to choose ideal partners to match !
Why is finding the ideal partner so important?

Zoos and aquariums often house species that are at risk of extinction , and precisely because there are few individuals left in nature , finding a breeding pair is a great challenge!

In addition, it is very important that individuals have high genetic variability , that is, genetic diversity within the species.

For the greater the variability within a population , the greater the chances of surviving in an environment that changes all the time.

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