The importance of the support network in maternity

Recently, according to an article published by Folha de S.Paulo, the businesswoman and digital influencer, Bianca Andrade, received criticism from internet users for going out with her husband and leaving her son with his grandmother, just over a week after giving birth to her first son. The event reinforces the lack of knowledge about the changes that women undergo during pregnancy and postpartum, and highlights the importance of the support network for the mother.

The support network is a group made up of all the figures that parents, and especially the mother, can count on for baby care, emotional support and even listening. Whether something new or not, the gestational period is often a phase full of insecurities, doubts, fear and demands from the mother and those around her. In addition, according to a study carried out by researcher Mariza Theme, from the Sergio Arouca National School of Public Health, 26.3% of women suffer from postpartum depression in the country and, without the support network, these issues can be recorded.

Postpartum changes

In the postpartum period, women are also subjected to several changes that can affect their self-esteem and mood. Among them are:

• Swelling in the extremities (feet and hands);
• Heavy and hot breasts, which may accompany weakness, tiredness, malaise and low-grade fever;
• Slow bowel and gas accumulation;
• Sleep deprivation;

In addition to physical and emotional changes, the mother needs moments so that the routine does not become boring and is not overloaded. Another important point is breastfeeding, its practice is not innate to human beings and, therefore, at this moment the support network is also necessary in order to teach women, demystifying some customs and offering another angle on motherhood.

Who can be part of the support network?

• Obstetrician;
• Pediatrician;
• Nurses and maternity professionals;
• Relatives and friends;
• Relatives;
• Specialized support (post-maternity home support service and remote nursing care service, for example).

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