Sustainability is a growing concern, as natural resources are increasingly threatened as a result of human action.

Renewable energies can be used as a form of sustainable development

The negative impacts that man causes on nature are increasingly evident. Pollution, destruction of habitats, accumulation of solid waste and rapid decline in biodiversity are just some of the examples of environmental problems generated by human action today.

One of the most used words today to talk about the environment and the negative impacts caused by man is sustainability , a term that has the most varied meanings. In Biology, for example, it is related to the ability of ecosystems to recover from human aggression and even from the environment itself. Sustainability can also be used in conjunction with the word development and, in this case, refer to ways to avoid the depletion of our natural resources and manage to meet the needs of the current population.

In general, we can say that sustainability is the ability to maintain itself . When we use natural resources in a sustainable way, for example, they can be maintained for several years and are not easily depleted. We realize, therefore, that sustainable development is one that does not cause scarcity or depletion of resources and allows them to meet the needs of future generations and also our own.

It is important to discuss sustainability and sustainable development because more and more environmental problems are affecting man’s quality of life. It is common, for example, to see in newspapers and on websites the lack of water and energy rationing in several places in Brazil. This is not just a consequence of mismanagement, it also occurs due to the irrational and excessive use of what is offered to us.

Sustainable development requires planning and the participation of all spheres of the population. It is necessary to carefully analyze how much of the resources we have already spent and how much we have left. We must also understand that natural resources can run out and their conscious use is essential in order not to compromise the lives of future generations.

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