List of best biology apps for High school Students and teachers

List of Biology apps

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Arguments against GMOs

Arguments against GMOs: Transgenics , or genetically modified organisms (GMO), are produced in the laboratory by…

4 months ago

Lethal Alleles – Discovery – Complete and Semi-Lethal Alleles

Lethal alleles: are genes that can lead to death. These alleles can be dominant or…

4 months ago

Aneuploidy Examples – Aneuploidy – Chromosomal….

Aneuploidy Examples: Aneuploidy is the name given to the increase or decrease of a chromosome…

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Chromosomal Changes – Structural chromosomal changes

Chromosomal Changes: Structural chromosomal changes, which involve alterations in the morphology of chromosomes, can be…

4 months ago

Chromosomal Changes – Types of Chromosomal Changes

Chromosomal changes can affect the number or structure of chromosomes. Down syndrome, for example, is…

4 months ago

Genetic Counseling and Testing

Genetic Counseling and Testing: Genetic counseling makes it possible to know the likelihood of a…

4 months ago