Light and Electronic Microscope

To carry out studies and analysis of small-sized structures, it is necessary to use a light microscope, because with this instrument it is possible to increase the visualization by up to 1500 times, although the increase is significant, it is not possible to reach great details of the cellular structure.

 The stereoscope is popularly called a magnifying glass. It is commonly indicated for the observation and analysis of larger structures and organisms. 

 The binocular biological microscope performs a better visualization of a structure, however, the elements possibly studied must be indifferent to the passage of light.
The growth of the image of the object that we visualize comes from the microscope formed by the multiplication of the ocular magnification through the growth of the objective. 

With the invention of the electron microscope, it became possible to carry out analyzes and studies with greater detail of cellular structures, making high magnifications of the objects to be studied, the operation of the microscope is different from that of light, as it uses electron beams.
The electron microscope has two types of transmission and scanning, the difference between the two is that the transmission is used to study structures cut into very thin slices, on the other hand, scanning microscopes are used to analyze the surface of the body of beings living organisms, cells and molecules.
To carry out the work using the electron microscope, the material must be fixed and stained with heavy metal salts to favor contrasts in all cell structures, the dyes make the structures less permeable to electron beams, in which the most stained structures are visualized in black and white or dark gray and those that are less stained in light gray.
The image is displayed on a screen and there is also the possibility of being expressed in the form of a photograph, these being black and white and can be colored using special equipment, the photos are called micrographs.

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