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Infertility is the physiological inability to sexual reproduction in organisms and species of species born through the sexual route. Infertility has many wide causes, which may be hereditary, as in mule infertility, or it may be acquired from the environment, such as exposure to severe physical injuries or some diseases or as a result of exposure to radiation.

Infertility mechanism

Hybrid infertility may occur as a result of the production of different offspring of closely related species and their reproduction, and these animals are usually sterile due to the presence of different numbers of chromosomes coming from parents, which leads to an imbalance in the resulting offspring, as it will be able to live but not fertile, as It happens with the mule.

Infertility can also occur as a result of what is known as artificial selection / selective reproduction, when a selected genetic trait is closely related to genes involved in determining sex or determining fertility, for example strains of goats that are wanted to reproductive without centuries, this leads to the production of a large number of individuals bilateral Sex (intersex) between offspring is usually sterile.



Infertility may also occur due to the pigment differences of the individual himself, and this condition is called genetic mosaic – the person who will have it will have a mixture of normal and mutation-infected cells. The loss of a portion of the chromosome can also lead to infertility, due to its failure to separate during division.
Another male sterility syndrome is XX male syndrome. It causes the development of testicles, and the result is that its phenotype is male, but its genotype is female.

Economic uses of infertility:

  • Produce certain types of seeds without seeds, such as tomatoes or melons (although infertility is not the only way to produce these fruits).
  • Genetic Use Reduction Technique: These are methods that aim to reduce the use of GM plants by making the seeds of the second generation sterile.
  • Biological control or biological control, such as methods that use catfish traps (i.e. aiming to make cats unable to reproduce), or represent sterile insect technology in which large numbers of sterile insects are released and freed to compete with fertile insects on food and attract peer, this leads to Decreasing the number of subsequent generations. It can be used to control pests and diseases spread by insects such as malaria in mosquitoes.
  • Some animals can produce sterile strains due to mating with closely related species, such as mule, genetics, wild lion, and tajun.

Selenium and the probability of a varicocoele on male fertility is most common management. Rosa, l. erektiele disfunksie And frim, o.

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