Humanized birth

Humanized childbirth allows the mother to actively participate in decisions at the time of the baby’s birth.

Every woman has the right to choose how she will give birth.
We often hear about the humanization of childbirth. But what is humanized childbirth ? What are the benefits for mother and baby?

First, we must make it clear that humanized childbirth is not a type of delivery, like cesarean section or vaginal delivery. We could say that it is a philosophy , in which the mother has full participation in what will happen at the moment of the birth of her child, being able to choose the presence of companions or not, the position at the moment of delivery and the place where the baby will be born. In these cases, there should be minimal medical intervention, but without neglecting to put the health of the mother and baby first.

This philosophy was born after realizing that childbirth was no longer the sublime and unique moment it used to be. What we had until now was a series of surgeries, which often ended up with the mother in one room and the baby in another. In humanized childbirth, pregnancy is seen as a natural process, not a pathology that requires a surgical procedure.

As it is a more natural birth, both the mother and the baby must be healthy, since the doctor is expected to intervene little in the process. It is worth remembering that when we talk about a more natural delivery, we are not talking about all vaginal delivery, since during this procedure there may be several interventions, such as the use of forceps.

Some procedures are being done in maternity hospitals in order to make childbirth more humanized, among them we can highlight bathing, free diet, massage and breathing techniques. The presence of a companion is also essential to ensure the success of this philosophy, since the presence of a friend, family member or partner helps the woman to feel more confident and relax.

The mother must be aware that labor can be quite painful and uncomfortable, so she must be sure of her choices. It is worth remembering that, despite all the pain at birth, vaginal delivery is much more beneficial compared to cesarean delivery, in addition to the lower mortality rate.

Humanized childbirth, which is recommended by the Ministry of Health, aims to reduce unnecessary interventions. In addition to ensuring a calmer and more harmonious environment for the birth of the child, since the mother will have her child the way she chose and will have immediate contact with the baby.

The increase in places that offer this birthing philosophy is increasingly significant. With this, it is expected that a new way of looking at birth will emerge and that pregnancy will be seen as an extraordinary moment in which the mother has the full right to participate.

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