How To Control your blood pressure without medication?

Are You Serious For How To Control your blood pressure without medication?

Tired of taking 2 or 3 different medications to control your blood pressure?

Do you Really Hate Medication?

Alright..! How To Control your blood pressure without medication

You are in the right place. in fact, I have researched for you the proven ways to control blood pressure without consulting the doctor.

Let’s Dive Right in…!

For many people who suffer from high blood pressure, taking 2, 3 or more medications to control their blood pressure is a routine that must be followed every day, and avoiding complications from this disease becomes a necessity to maintain a relative quality of life. normal.

Remember that not keeping blood pressure figures within normal values ​​may increase the risk of complications such as heart attacks, strokes or kidney damage.

Why is the use of medications to control blood pressure so common?


Taking a medication once a day or 2 times a day is the easiest thing you can do to control your blood pressure, it requires little effort, little time and the “benefit” is almost immediate; Due to this, it is the first treatment option that both patients and doctors prefer.

 But what happens when we talk about modifying our habits? Don’t eat salt? 45 minutes of exercise 3 times a week? The answers are usually: – No! The food doesn’t taste the same. – I arrive very tiredly at my house after a heavy day of work. – I eat on the street because I don’t have time to cook at home. Sounds familiar?

Changing habits and having a healthier lifestyle should not only be a recommendation, but it is also actually the most important decision you can make to control your blood pressure.

Within the recommendations of the American Heart Association (AHA) for the management of hypertension, and changes in diet and lifestyle are the first line of treatment to be implemented.

Even before starting with medications, since the benefits of these changes go beyond just controlling blood pressure levels, they also help control blood sugar levels, triglyceride levels and cholesterol, lung function, muscle mass (preventing osteoporosis problems), that if they wanted to be fixed only with medications, a different medication would have to be taken for each of these conditions.

What does it take to achieve it?

It requires a motivated, committed person and that day by day choose this lifestyle; This will not only help you control your disease, but it will help you enjoy a better quality of life from the first day you make the change.

It is easy? No. That is why a daily commitment is necessary, every morning you wake up is a new challenge, is to choose to give yourself time to exercise, is to choose a balanced diet and refuse fast food, is to choose to rest knowing that today you did something good for your health and for your future.

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