Do you know how to avoid the contagion of Covid-19 during the holiday season?

During the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the traditional end-of-year festivities, with the presence of family and friends, were limited to isolated celebrations, where most meetings took place through video calls.

According to a survey carried out by the consortium of press vehicles, currently 66.39% of the Brazilian population is completely immunized. Combined with the resumption of commercial and social activities, the trend is for many families to take advantage of the moment for the long-awaited reunion.

However, even with the evolution of vaccination, the emergence of the Ômicron variant , and the advancement of the Influenza (H3N2) flu, brought doubts about how to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2021 safely.

Despite the high immunization and consequent drop in the number of deaths, specialists from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) emphasize that it is necessary to seek to reduce the risks of contagion during the holidays, since the pandemic remains, even if less harmful.

Thinking about this need, check out some tips from the organ to maintain care during the parties:

• Limit the number of people according to the space, avoiding agglomerations;
• Seek ventilated environments, avoiding the use of air conditioning;
• Prioritize the use of disposable paper to dry hands, avoiding the use of cloth towels;
• Use gel alcohol;
• Keeping children, elderly and immunosuppressed people (weak immune system) in ventilated environments;
• Keep wearing a mask;
• Maintain physical distance of 1.5 meters.

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