Difference Between Snow Peas and Peas

Snow peas, peas, and kidney beans are all different types of peas. They are all different types of peas with similar cultivation methods. Snow peas, also known as Chinese pea pods, and sweet peas, also known as sugar peas, are a hybrid of snow peas and kidney beans.

snow peas

Snow peas are also known as sugar peas and Chinese peas. That’s why people confuse sugar snap peas when it’s actually snow peas and sugar snap peas. Snow peas have an edible pod. They are flat, and pea seeds can also be seen through the flat skin of the pod. They are wide and stretchy, so they don’t break as easily as peas, but bend easily. Peas are not shelled. They are whole, raw or cooked, and are mainly used in stir-fries. Their nutritional value is lower than that of kidney beans. They are high in vitamin C and have fewer calories than kidney beans.

Snow peas come in two varieties, low growing and climbing. Low-growing varieties are called dwarfs. Pea plants do not require any external support. They grow better in warmer climates. They are harvested before they mature, while the pea seeds are still flat and reach the size of a pea if not harvested early.

Some popular snow pea varieties are: Mammoth Sugar, Oregon Sugar Pod, Dwarf Gray Sugar, etc.

snap peas

Chickpeas are also known as sugar chickpeas. They were invented by Calvin Lamborn. Chickpeas are a hybrid of orchard and snow peas, first introduced in 1979. Their pods are edible and do not need to be shelled, but can be eaten without the shell. Their pea seeds are plumper than snow peas and can be eaten whole or cooked or raw. They are large peas with a sweet taste.

Peas are climbers and need a trellis or fence to climb. It has fewer calories than kidney beans and is also lower in nutrients. They are crunchy and sweet. Some plants are tall and therefore require support. They are harvested when ripe. They are better suited for cooler temperatures.

Some varieties of chickpeas are: Sugar Daddy, Sugar Ann, Sugar Crisp, etc. Sugar crisps are chickpeas, originally grown by Calvin Lamborn.


Snow peas are also called sugar peas and Chinese peas; beans are also called sugar peas.

Snow peas have an edible pod; they are flat and the pea seeds can also be seen through the pod skin. The pods are plumper than snow peas.

Snow peas are more flexible than peas, which snap rather than bend easily.

Snow peas are better suited for higher temperatures; snap peas are grown in lower temperatures.

Snow peas are harvested before maturity; pods are harvested when mature.

Snow peas have low growth and climbers, but do not need support; pods are tall plants and need support.

Chickpeas are a hybrid of orchard and snow peas.

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