Similarities between chimpanzee and man

There are similarities between the chimpanzee and man. About 98% of chimpanzee genes resemble those of humans.

The investigation of similarities between the behavior of humans and chimpanzees has been going on for several decades. Even combining these two species with the same evolutionary branch, separated by 4 million years of distinct adaptation, they keep less than 2% of genetic difference, that is to say that their genes are 98% similar.

However, science in the face of this genetic approach, understands that the conception of a parallel between chimpanzees and humans is still controversial, with several paradigms not understood.

For some researchers, chimpanzees, at some evolutionary stage, had blocked the increase in intelligence at a time prior to the creation of a language (gestural and sound communication). This means that the monkeys can only copy a behavior with the repetition of gestures or the “choices” of symbols with no common meaning among the population and much less hereditarily propagated.

However, there are those who consider that these primates have mental abilities like those of a 4-year-old child. Experiences have shown that they are capable of expressions involving logical reasoning and learning, communicating through signs and graphic symbols mediated by computerized interpretation.

Recent discoveries show that chimpanzees are able to develop their own culture, reinforcing their similarity with humans.

In demonstrations carried out by primatologist Andrew Whiten, regarding the lifestyle adopted by a group of animals, he clarifies that behavioral habits can be learned and not purely inherited.

Based on the anatomical characteristics: rotation and freedom of movement of the shoulders and arms, the ability of the hands, with the first opposable finger functioning as tweezers to grasp, it was possible to develop techniques and tools used to hunt insects, as well as to open nuts. , mix food and maintain communication among group members.

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