List of Important Biology Terms That Start With Alphabet b

Important Biology Terms That Start With Alphabet b

Welcome to the list of basic Biology terms that start with the alphabet b.  Please free to scroll down to search for a biology term that starts with the letter b. There are too many Biology terms that start with the alphabet “b” but I have listed for you the most important ones which are included in the syllabus of Secondary and higher school biology.

BACTERICIDE: Antibiotics that work by killing bacteria are called bactericides.

BACTERIOPHAGES: viruses that attack bacteria are called bacteriophages.

BACTERIOSTATIC: Antibiotics that work by preventing bacteria from multiplying.

BALL JOINT: The joint that allows movement in all directions, eg. hip, and shoulder joints

BATCH FERMENTATION PROCESS: The batch fermentation process, divided into batches. All inputs are added to the fermenter and a specific time is given so that fermentation may occur. After that fermenter is emptied and cleaned and the process is repeated.

BICEPS: The biceps brachii generally called as Bicep is flexor muscle on the front part of the arm bone (humerus).

BINARY FISSION: Division into two; the simplest method of asexual reproduction in prokaryotes and many unicellular eukaryotes.

BIOGEOCHEMICAL CYCLE: The cyclical path by which chemical elements move from the environment to organisms and return to the environment.

BIOLOGICAL NITROGEN FIXATION: The conversion of nitrogen gas to nitrates by living organisms.

BIOSPHERE: The last level of ecological organization; all the world’s ecosystems together form the biosphere.

BIOTECHNOLOGY: The use of living organisms in systems or processes for the manufacture of useful products or for services to humanity is called Biotechnology.

BIOTIC: The living components of the environment; include producers, consumers, and decomposers

BONES: hard connective tissue; moves, supports and protects the various organs of the body

BOWMAN’S CAPSULE: Part of the nephron: cup-shaped structure enclosing the glomerulus

BREATHING: The process by which animals take air from their bodies to obtain oxygen, and then release the air to get rid of carbon dioxide.

BREEDS: A group of animals that have common ancestors and share common traits that are not shared by the other members of the same species. for example, German Shepherd Dogs, Retrievers (Golden), and Bulldogs are breeds of dogs.

BRONCHIOLES: Thin tubes formed by the division of the bronchi are called bronchioles.

BRONCHITIS: Inflammation of the bronchi or bronchioles

BRONCHUS: The part of the air passage; formed by the division of the trachea

BUD: A type of asexual reproduction in which a bud develops as a small growth on the parent’s body and forms the new individual

BULBS: underground vertical shoots that have modified leaves

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