10 plants for emotional well being

Stress, nerves, fatigue and melancholy take their toll on our emotional well-being, a fundamental part of our health.

We are talking about 10 relaxing medicinal plants that will not only relieve stress and exhaustion, but will also help us sleep better. Do you want to know what they are?

Stress, nerves, fatigue and melancholy take their toll on our emotional well-being . And it is that for those non-stop days, there are a series of relaxing medicinal plants that will be of great help to you. Because, in line with what we have commented on numerous occasions, the natural medicine cabinet is fundamental and our main ally.

With medicinal plants, which we are going to talk about next, we are not only going to relieve stress , exhaustion and melancholy, but they are also going to help us sleep better , the main collateral damage of presenting the feelings that we have mentioned. But why is it important to take care of emotional well-being?

Why is it important to take care of emotional well-being?

Well, health is, according to the World Health Organization, a state of complete physical, mental and social well -being , and not just the absence of disease or illness. A definition that encompasses an aspect to which, on numerous occasions, we do not pay the attention it deserves. It is, nothing more and nothing less than, mental and emotional well-being.

The Department of Health of the Basque Government defines emotional health as a mental state that allows us to carry out our daily lives with sufficient motivation, calm and efficiency.

It enables us to deal with the normal stresses of life without feeling overwhelmed, to relate to others satisfactorily, or to fulfill our obligations adequately.

That is why to be healthy, we must not only follow a healthy lifestyle, but we must also take care of our emotions and social relationships. To alleviate these tensions that we have mentioned, there are the 10 plants that we present below. Take note!

Plants for emotional well-being


Oatmeal is an excellent tonic for the nervous system, it improves nervousness, exhaustion and anxiety, and reduces stress. Have breakfast with other cereals or use the tincture combined with other indicated herbs.


St John ‘s wort relieves symptoms of mild to moderate depression and is also helpful in cases of autism spectrum disorder, anxiety or exhaustion. Take in infusion, tincture or capsules. Do not use in combination with other medication without medical advice.


Antidepressant, stimulating and calming, lemon balm lifts the mood and calms anxiety, nervousness and panic attacks. Useful for treating insomnia and headaches. Completely harmless and with a pleasant taste, it is suitable for everyone.


With its calming and sedative properties, lavender is appropriate for the treatment of anguish, stress and strong impressions. Take in infusion or combined with lemon balm to activate tension headaches. Use essential oil to relieve insomnia.


Verbena is a restorative tonic herb for the nervous system, beneficial for digestion and useful for relieving tension, headaches, depression, exhaustion and stress. Combines well with lemon balm and skullcap, take as an infusion or tincture.


Passionflower is a mild herb with an excellent sedative effect for the treatment of insomnia and anxiety. It combines well with chamomile to take as an infusion against insomnia and tension headaches.


Skullcap is a great nervous system tonic with antispasmodic and sedative action. Useful in the treatment of stress, anxiety, overwork, migraine and recovery from strong impressions. Combines well with lemon balm and chamomile, drink as an infusion or tincture.


Bufera is an herb known in the Ayurvedic tradition as an adaptogen: helping the body withstand the effects of long-term stress. It helps to recover energy and vitality in those who suffer from exhaustion. It is preferable to take it in tincture or powder. Borage Borage serves to strengthen the adrenal glands of those who suffer from long-term stress. Used for stress, depression and exhaustion, but only for short periods of time and on the recommendation of a qualified naturopath.


Damiana is an effective antidepressant herb that helps restore enthusiasm and the will to live. Use to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Take in infusion or tincture combined with the other indicated herbs such as lemon balm.

In addition to resorting to the plants that we have alluded to, there are other keys that can help us achieve that emotional well-being that we have been talking about. We are talking about following a healthy and balanced diet, playing sports, enjoying free time, sleeping between 7 and 8 hours a day and taking care of social relationships. Because everything adds up and, as the WHO rightly alludes, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.

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